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Rescues and Adult Chihuahua Adoptions

Please let us know if you're interested in adopting one of our adults. If approved, we will let you know what and when we will have one available for you. Thank you.

  All of our dogs are very very loved and we would not adopt them out if we had a choice!! To keep our breeding program the great success that it has been for over 16 yrs we can not keep them all, that would make us a puppy mill. We only want what is the very best for our dogs, and when they are in our care, they are treated like ROYALTY most have better lives than most humans... Most of our adult dogs have been with us from a very young age and they will stay here forever or ONLY go to approved homes. Each adult adoption is very extensive to ensure a wonderful forever home, along with a contract! We work very hard to keep improving our puppies and just about every dog and pup adopted out is in it's original home we personally pick and approve. Man how I wish everyday, I could keep them ALL! My dogs are my entire WORLD, I'm home just about 24/7  with them and they get the very best care. All are up to date on vaccines, heartworm prevention, and micro-chipped also the very best vet care. I drive an hour each way to our Vet because they are the very best and our dogs will only get the very best. I still cry over the first little boy I had to rehome, but I still talk to his owners and he has such a wonderful life therefore I know, I did the right thing. Please feel free to call or email me at anytime with any questions or concerns!! 

On Occasion we have adults that we held back for showing or breeding that end up being better in pet homes only or for other reasons come up for adoption. We do on occasion also get Rescues, but because we have baby chihuahua pups to worry about, we are limited on what and when we can take in rescues. If you know of a chihuahua in need and need help please feel free to contact us! Even if we are unable to take in a rescue at that time we are more than willing to help find a foster or forever home, or just give needed advice!

We only take in Chihuahuas and only upon approval on expecting of said rescue. We will take them to the vet and give them the best care possible.  Some will be able to stay here with us but we can't keep them all! So some will be put up for adoption. If you have any questions please email me at haaschihuahuas@yahoo.com

You can contact Valerie "Haas Chihuahuas" at 574-310-4536 for more info

 Adult or Older Chihuahua's bred by us will only be placed in exceptional homes!! Our babies and dogs are more like our children and family than pets. We really wish we could keep them all but in order to keep showing and producing amazing pups/dogs we have to place some from time to time. This is probably our hardest job we have to endure here at Haas Chihuahuas because we bond with each one of our babies and love them like our children. So Please if you are interested in one of our babies below, we will need to know without a doubt you are going to be an amazing home and the right fit! We will not place an adult with anyone we feel is unfit to meet there needs or if we just simply don't think they're a good match for your family. We are never in any hurry to place any of our adults and we know this adoption process takes time. So please if interested in any dogs below we need you to be understanding of our adoption process! Thank you, Haas Chi Family  


Haas Chihuahuas

ABC Clinic/ Is a spay/neuter clinic that only does spay or neutering and will do vaccines at the time if needed. I refer this place to anyone needing there dog or cat spayed or neutered and are on a tight budget.

4525 S Burnett Dr. South Bend, IN. 46614


If you would rather rescue and are on a budget visit our local


2506 Grape Road Mishawaka, IN 46545
(574) 255-4726



323 M 62 North, Cassopolis,  MI. 49031





Info on how to stop puppy mills and what you can do to help!




Check out our Puppy Page to see the new babies!

Above "GRAND CHAMPION Haas's Life Is A Highway Arizona" Back to Back Major in KY.

Above  CH. Haas's Arizona 4pt. Major

Below is CH. Haas's Grand Master Yoda, Yoda Won his Championship at ONLY 7 Months old and in his First 2 weekends in the Ring. WOW what an AMAZING Little Boy!! Now 8 months old and only 2 points away from his Grand Championship, with amazing 5 pt. & 4 pt. Majors & Champion Defeats.

USA & Canadian CHAMPION Mr. Jackson

Grand Champion Gizmo Below

Champion Prince Below

Look for some of our dogs in the Show Ring. Now Showing is our CH. Yoda, others will be entering the ring soon, including our little Opal! Thanks so much to our good friend & handler Andrea Carter of True Shot Handling!

We are located in Southern Michigan, on the Northern Indiana Michigan Border Near, Elkhart IN., South Bend IN., Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Chicago, Michigan. We would rather you come to our home to pick up your baby but we realize that is not always possible and so we have safe means of shipping if needed.


We have some AMAZING planned breeding's for this 2016 year

Check out our Puppies For Sale Page for more INFO


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