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How To Care For Orphan Puppies Add Video

How to care for Orphan Puppies

Posted by Valerie Haas on May 7, 2012 at 12:56 PM 12507 Views

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Reply Heidi Ellis
11:07 PM on November 26, 2012 
Hello, I am not a breeder but need your help desperately . I spoke with you over a year ago when I was searching for a puppy and unfortunately you didn't have any available at that time. I was fortunate to find a chihuahua puppy soon after in Ft.wayne from Uncle Bills pet store. I am disabled and have been going thru a divorce for 2 yrs and my counselor recommended that I look into adopting a puppy for a therapy companionship. And my first chihuahua puppy was so loving and easy to train and my life changed for the better simply by having my new best friend with me all the time. 6 months later a friend gave me another female chihuahua as a bday gift because he new how much my little Niko had brought so much joy into my life. So now to try and shorten my story and need for emergency advice. Last August I was a owner of a beautiful female longhair chihuahua and also Niko my male long hair chihuahua . I have 2 older boys 16&18 who still live at home and we just all love and adore our babies and they bring so much joy to our lives every day.
This past April my two sons and myself went out of town on spring break and I had a neighbor babysit our chihuahuas. Sophie, my female went into heat while we were away and to make long story short she became pregnant at 11 months old. We were shocked and concerned. I took her to the vet for her doctor visits and on her 58th day of pregnancy the vet said one of her puppies was stuck in her birth canal and he did an emergency c section on the spot. She had 3 puppies. The vet sent them home with me an hour later and gave us no help on how to care for the babies!!! I googled as much info that I could find and did everything I could to try and save the puppies but Sophie was in shock from the csection. And the doctor didn't give her any fluids after surgery so she was in shock and I had to rush Sophie back to the doctor for them to give her fluids. While I was trying to save my Sophie I was loosing the puppies one by one. I fed them every two hours and kept a heating pad in the whelping box but by the third day only one was still alive....barely. I called my vets office 3 times a day and they were no help and said it must not be meant to be. Sophie finally started trying to nurse and bond with the surviving puppy after 3 days but it was too late. The third day we lost the last one.
My Sophie mourned for at least 3 wks. She wouldn't eat or drink, I had to hand feed her and give her water by a dropper. I felt like I went through mourning the loss with her. We both didn't function for a couple weeks.
So, Sophie is now pregnant again, it wasn't planned....again. We were out of town , she went into heat while we were gone and once again she is expecting. She is due on December 18th. My vet seems to have no suggestions or ways to help me with the upcoming puppies soon.
I watched your video on how to care for puppies but the screen moves to fast for me to write it all down.
I am so worried about her up coming litter in just 3 weeks. I am hoping/praying you can help me with what I should know to do and what I need for them to sleep in to keep them at the right temperature. Imam desperately seeking any advice you can give us to help these puppies thrive and so my Sophie will be able to take care of her puppies along with my help. After she lossed her litter in the early summer her personality changed and she's very protective with us and does not like other dogs anymore. I'm hoping that if this litter will make it Sophie will return to the happy playful chihuahua she was a year ago.
Please call me or email me anytime 260-433-9210cell or email Heidimellis@gmail.com
Thank you so much
Heidi Ellis
Reply Valerie Haas
1:03 PM on May 7, 2012 
I love you my sweet sweet Victoria, your babies are now 7 wks old and doing very very well! All will be going to new homes soon. I don't know how I'm going to give them up, I just have to remember that they will be in good hands. We have taken our time to find them homes we new were the best of the best! Your Little Maggy will stay here with me, so wish you where here to raise her w me :( I think of you everyday, and I dream of you and Aggy playing in the clouds together.