AKC SHOW & PET QUALITY Chihuahua Breeder

Haas Chihuahua NEWS......We have MOVED....We are now located in Bronston, Kentucky....We had a wonderful chance to buy a gorgeous property on a beautiful Mountain with lots of land for our fur babies to enjoy. We had a 1600 square foot Dog Palace Built for our Fur Kids to enjoy as well. Our fur babies have the life most only dream about. As you can probably guess it's not cheap but well worth it! They have small doggy bedrooms, living room, grooming salon, Kitchen, large windows & large window seat, plus much much more. We had a $10,000.00 AC/Heating unit installed and all the inside touches are complete except a couple small projects. We posted pictures on our HOME SWEET HOME page of before during and after construction. Our dogs and puppies have always been raised with our family & spoiled from the beginning. As always we only raise the best, healthiest puppies & our dogs come from the best lines in the world. Making sure we keep producing only the most beautiful dogs, keeping genetic issues out of our lines.
If you are from the Illinois, Indiana, Michigan area we are happy to help get puppies safely to you if possible. We have always had such amazing families from those areas adopt from us and we want to be able to keep puppies available to those amazing families.

As an AKC Champion Breeder, I take my dogs and puppies very seriously. Meaning all of my puppies come with a contract, all good breeders do this as well. It is a great way to insure healthier dogs and pups, and that dogs and pups don't end up in the wrong hands or in shelters! This is a great program, when you purchase a puppy from me you sign that you will not sell or give the puppy away without my written consent. Your puppy you purchase is yours to love and enjoy, but I will be the secondary family always. Even if it is for questions or concerns I will be there for all my puppies whenever needed. This is great for owners as well; I have many years of knowledge of the breed and always keeping up to date on the latest. I will provide my contract to you before you buy your puppy. You will also be required to fill out our adopting application. Breeding is NOT a get rich quick seam. It takes dedication, love, and a lot of time and money. Breeders should be only breeding to better the breed! All of my dogs go through genetic health testing along with routine vet care before I even decide to breed any of our dogs. All of my dogs are registered with AKC Kennel Club and are Champions or Champion lined. Even if you are only looking for a pet this is SUPER IMPORTANT!! Most people don't realize the testing, care and knowledge we breeders get from AKC registered dogs. This knowledge and records show us which dogs for generations have healthy genetics. Our pricing ranges depending on size, color, and bloodlines. I work really hard to keep our prices affordable and fair, we do not make money off of our puppies. All of the money that comes in goes right back our into our dogs, pups and breeding program. Whether it be for vet bills, care, or show fee's, it is not cheap or easy if breeders are doing this for the right reasons. I myself have dedicated my life to these little treasures and to chihuahuas alone, not any other breed. Although I do love all animals and dogs!! With over 25 years of working with Chihuahuas gives me the knowledge to produce and care for them and the breeding of them.


*We do not adopt puppies to strangers..

*Contact us to tell us about you at haaschihuahuas@yahoo.com

*Once we have a puppy you're interested in we will send you the link to fill out our puppy application.

*Despite the following list of "rules", we are very easy going. If we're selling you a puppy, it's because we genuinely like you and feel that you will be a responsible pet owner.

*As people that have purchased Chihuahuas ourselves, we believe that if humanly possible, you should visit the breeder, see the parents and look at your puppy in person before putting down a deposit. We understand that this may not always be possible and we will take extra photographs and thoroughly discuss your concerns if an early visit is not practical.

*We do not "hold" puppies without a deposit... regardless of having an appointment to see a specific puppy.

*We DO "jump through hoops" to make sure that, if you have an appointment, the puppy you're interested in will be available. The VERY RARE exception to this is an earlier appointment "picked a different puppy".

*We DON'T start taking deposits until the puppies are TWO WEEKS OLD.

*There is a WAITING LIST. We review the waiting list and contact those individuals that are still interested and seem qualified.

*Deposits are normally 1/2 of total amount.

*Deposits are nonrefundable. Two exceptions: (1)We choose not to sell the puppy based on our discretion. (2)Puppy health.

*Puppies can normally go home after 9 weeks. By this time, your puppy will be completely weaned, eating whole dry puppy food on its own, and very "sturdy". If your puppy is traveling (by plane or very long car ride), we may hold your puppy longer. We make the final decision about leaving at about 7 weeks... so it's not necessary to ask today.

*We ARE NOT A PET STORE. We don't sell puppies to "just anyone". You should consider it a privilege to own one of our puppies... we do!

*Our puppies have started housebreaking before they leave our home.

*We feed our puppies Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Puppy Formula. They should stay on said diet until adulthood.

*You will be provided a Purina Puppy food sampler when you pick up your puppy. This will be about enough food for one week.

*All of our Chihuahuas are current on their vaccinations. This includes the puppy you're getting.

*All of our Chihuahuas are dewormed. This includes the puppies, which receive three wormings with NEMEX II.

*All of our Chihuahua puppies see a licensed Veterinarian for a health exam and fecal exam before leaving our home.

*Most of our puppies are registered AKC unless otherwise stated, pet homes usually don't receive papers unless they ask for limited AKC. Most of our pet home only homes don't care about the AKC papers. On occassion when we sell puppies with full breeding and showing rights, you will then receive full AKC papers. If you're a pet home, we are happy to share parents AKC papers, just ask.

We will only place a dog or a puppy with people we feel are going to be responsible pet owners.