We are Licensed and Inspected

Haas Chihuahuas AKC American Kennel Club Inspection Report

We are in compliance with Wayne County KY. Our Veterinarian, Dr. Sullivan at Twin Lakes Veterinary Services comes to visit our Dog Palace at least once a year to look over our fur kids and update Rabies vaccines or anything they may need. We also see Dr. Sullivan often for puppy check ups or whenever any of our fur kids need to see a veterinarian. I can't thank Dr. Sullivan enough for all she does! If you are in or near Monticello KY and are in need of a good vet, here is her information.

Twin Lakes Veterinary Services

1489 N. Main St.

Monticello, KY. 42633

(606) 753-0361

Each State and County's have different requirements for kennels. When we lived in Michigan, we were required to have each dog licensed individually. We did this as well as kept our fur kids up to date on vaccines, rabies vaccines, and micro-chipping. The licenses where done through Cass County in Michigan.


323 M 62 North, Cassopolis, MI. 49031



When we lived in Indiana we were Licensed by the State of Indiana to Breed and Rescue. We were also Inspected yearly by the State of Indiana and by American Kennel Club/AKC each year and passed with flying colors every year. Below are the last couple years of our St. Joseph County Kennel Licenses.

Before buying a puppy from another breeder please check that they have filled the requirements made by there state and have proper licenses. This important for you to know that they are inspected and you puppy is coming from a passed inspection.

Here is a copy of our 2014 License

Here is a copy of our 2013 License

Here is a copy of our 2012 license.