We have a great love for all animals, we also have a great love for all dogs. I bred Chows for many years and that has giving me great knowledge on breeding. We decided after purchasing a Chihuahua as a pet and she stole our hearts that we would dedicate our breeding to them. I love the joy that all my Chihuahuas bring to our lives everyday and want to share that joy with other families. We work hard to insure that only healthy, happy, and well tempered dogs are bred., which insures healthy, happy and well tempered puppies.

We have a large family, Myself, My husband and our five boys, so the puppy you will bring home will be very spoiled and socialized. Our boys have become wonderful handsome adults and our oldest gave us our first granddaughter. Remaining in our home are our family of Chihuahuas and 2 of our boys and my oldest son's wife Katie. Katie has become like a daughter to me and my husband and she loves all of our Chihuahuas just as much as we do, she helps us daily with anything we need. I'm a stay at home Mom for my fur kids and family! I also enjoy horseback riding, water-skiing, hiking with my fur kids, chasing waterfalls and photography, basically anything that takes me outdoors in nature. Usually when we go to the lake we bring the dogs, LOL but its fun to be able to waste the day away spending time with them, Katie and my boys.

All my dogs are inside and out! On nice days they spend most of there time outside and, on cold, wet days they spend most of there time inside. We have a home with plenty of room, and large Dog Palace. All puppies are born inside and kept inside except special occasions for play and potty. I keep all puppies until at least 9 weeks of age except a few exceptions. It gives me time to work with them on potty training and to insure health. All puppies leave us to there forever homes with at least two vaccines, and at least 3 wormings. All puppies take a trip to the vet for an examination before leaving our home as well.

I am a AKC Breeder, and only breed the BEST dogs.

My husband Kristopher Sr. & Me (Valerie) on our 15th Wedding Anniversary. We have now been married 25 most amazing years!! Married my best friend who I've known before I was even a teenager has made our bond strong. It is hard to believe, almost like a dream to look back and see how much we have accomplished together. I couldn't ask for a better Man or a better Family.

We raised our boys on a huge farm for 16 years, as our family grew we decided it was time for a change. We all will always have the farm in our hearts but change was great as well. Now living on a gorgeous Mountain with lots of acres, where we can watch and enjoy nature with our fur kids and family. We have been here for a couple years now and loving every minute of a slower more relaxed life style with lots more time for the Kids and Chihuahuas.

Dad & Boys