We do ship our puppies, there are a few safe option for getting you your beloved chihuahua home safely!

Due to Covid, some shipping options may not be available.

The best way to get your chihuahua home safely is to come visit and pick your baby up. That way you can meet all of our four legged family members and see your baby first hand. Although we know that's not always possible, so we have a few ways listed below to get your perfect pet home safely!

We sometimes have the ability to hand deliver your puppy to your home or a location in surrounding states. There is a charge for this delivery. We carry pet insurance on our vehicles to protect our puppies while traveling. When we're not able to deliver your puppy, we do have a couple wonderful Pet Nanny's. Cost for Pet Nanny's varies depending on your location. The charge for delivery is added to the cost of the puppy. The puppy and delivery charge must be paid for in full before we will drive to deliver your puppy.

When coming from far the first and best way is on your lap in the plane, most airlines charge a small fee usually no more than $125.00 extra for a pet and the airline will allow you to have your puppy in a airline approved carrier. We charge gas to some airports such as Knoxville TN. Airport and Lexington KY. Airport, our fee is $75.00 that includes vet certificate flight papers. These charges are for us to meet you right at the airport when you arrive with your new bundle of joy! If your going to fly your baby, this is the best way. Most of the time it is less expensive than flying them alone, although I've had wonderful experiences with the Pet Safe Program.

The next safest way is for you to buy the airline tickets and we will personally travel on the plane with your puppy to your local airport were you can meet us and pick up your puppy directly from us. This is nice for those that don't have the time to fly themselves but would rather not fly there puppy alone. The charge for this would be an additional $800 sometimes price can vary. This includes vet certificate flight papers if we are taking off from our preferred Knoxville TN. Airport. Because flights can be less expensive to larger airports like Chicago and Indianapolis we would have to charge the gas for those locations.

The last and my least favorite, is to ship your pup through Delta's Pet Safe Program. Our total charge is $550 to ship your puppy through the Delta pet safe program to your closest airport. We can only ship when our vet gives us the okay to do so and when weather permits. The puppy must be paid for in full before we will ship your puppy. Shipping threw Delta has become a lot safer! Delta has temperature controlled area for your pup and they make sure pups are well cared for and have water at all times. We have been shipping through this program for a few years now and haven't had any issues. All our pups have made it to there new homes safely. We also prepare your puppy for the flight beforehand to make sure he or she is ready for their flight. We do many things to prepare the puppy flying but the most important is getting him or her used to the crate and traveling before the flight. This makes a huge difference and helps the puppy from being stressed out during the flight. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns.

Please feel free to EMAIL or CALL for more details and specific pricing to your location


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